THE PRICE OF SEX makes the 2012 ALA Notable Videos for Adults List!

WMM is proud to announce that THE PRICE OF SEX has made the 2012 ALA Notable Videos for Adults List!The Video Round Table established the Notable Videos for Adults list as a means of providing guidance to public and academic librarians involved in building dynamic and balanced video collections for an adult clientele.

“Recommended…the film offers uniquely personal insight into a major criminal enterprise that destroys the lives of countless young women.”

Video Librarian


An unprecedented and compelling inquiry into a dark side of immigration so difficult to cover or probe with depth, THE PRICE OF SEX sheds light on the underground criminal network of human trafficking and experiences of trafficked Eastern European women forced into prostitution abroad. Filming under cover with extraordinary access, even posing as a prostitute to gather her material, Bulgarian-born photo-journalist Mimi Chakarova travels from impoverished rural areas in post-Communist Eastern Europe, including her grandmother’s village, to Turkey, Greece, and Dubai. This dangerous investigative journey brings Chakarova face to face with trafficked women willing to trust her and appear on film undisguised. Their harrowing first-person accounts, as well as interviews with traffickers, clients, and anti-trafficking activists, expose the root causes, complex connections, and stark significance of sexual slavery today.