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Mars returns to the DFW area!

Written and Directed by Geoff Marslett

Fort Worth – Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
Wednesday, November 9th, 7:00 PM

The Texas Independent Film Network welcomes you to the distant, high- tech future… okay, 2015. A new space race is born between NASA and the ESA when Charlie Brownsville (Mark Duplass, director of CYRUS and star of HUMPDAY), Hank Morrison (Paul Gordon, director and star of THE HAPPY POET) and Dr. Casey Cook (Zoe Simpson) compete against an artificially intelligent robot to find out what the heck is up there on the red planet. On the first manned mission to our galactic neighbor this trio of astronauts experience life-threatening accidents, severe self-doubt, obnoxious reporters, and the boredom of extended space travel.

Written and directed with a Southwestern flair, Geoff Marslett’s eccentric feature debut features an indie-cool cast of supporting talent (Giant Sand singer-songwriter Howe Gelb, comic book artist and rock-n-roller James Kochalka, Cynthia Watros (LOST), Liza Weil (Gilmore Girls), plus iconoclastic Texas humorist-musician-politico Kinky Friedman as the President of the United States) and ultimately presents an exploration of exploration. Why do we want to know what is out there? How do we react to what we find? Is it actually that important? And where does love fit into the whole thing?


About VideoFest

The Video Association of Dallas is dedicated to promoting an understanding of video as a creative medium and cultural force in our society, and to supporting and advancing the work of Texas artists working in video and the electronic arts. Through its programs and information services, the Video Association intends to educate and inform artists, students, educators, critics, video and film producers and an interested public so they may better understand, appreciate and evaluate the creative possibilities of the video medium. It will also provide a forum for the work of regional video artists, in order to stimulate excellence in their work and provide the opportunity for dialogue and critical discussion.

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