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VideoFest Alumnus Ventures into Self-Distribution

The documentary feature film, Polack, screened at VideoFest in 2010. After exploring distribution options, director, Jim Kenney, decided to go it on his own. His solution: to upload the HD film to, protected by a password. Customers can “rent” his film with a payment to PayPal, and then receive the password via email. The filmmaker nets the full rental, only minus PayPal’s nominal service fee. Other distribution options, even those under the guise of self-distribution, require much higher “cuts”.
Polack explores the source of the Polish joke in America. But when Jim travels to Poland, there’s a twist…
Nikki Silva of NPR’s Peabody Award-Winning Kitchen Sisters writes of Polack, “WHAT A ROLLER COASTER! ENTRANCING FROM THE START. I was completely caught up and off guard by this beautifully crafted, deeply personal journey into history. Just when you’re delighting in clever animation interwoven with old TV episodes and extraordinary archival footage, you’re hit slam-dunk with Nazis and gay bashing. Unexpected, jarring, complex – like a cubist painting or climbing into an imaginative mind. Made me think twice about every joke I’ve ever been party to.”
To learn more, visit Polack’s website at:

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