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Texas Show Selection- “33 Teeth”

Director Evan Roberts’ “33 Teeth” is a narrative short about a 14 year-old boy’s fascination with his older, masculine neighbor. At seven minutes, it takes us into our central figure’s mischievous quest to determine his own masculinity. With an undertone of a rather comic twist, this piece is an homage to the aspects of becoming a man and finding what one may see as their passage into manhood. Excellently shot and directed, this short piece blends the coming of age ideal with awkward situations and a comic twist. “33 Teeth” will play as part of our Texas Show.


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The Video Association of Dallas is dedicated to promoting an understanding of video as a creative medium and cultural force in our society, and to supporting and advancing the work of Texas artists working in video and the electronic arts. Through its programs and information services, the Video Association intends to educate and inform artists, students, educators, critics, video and film producers and an interested public so they may better understand, appreciate and evaluate the creative possibilities of the video medium. It will also provide a forum for the work of regional video artists, in order to stimulate excellence in their work and provide the opportunity for dialogue and critical discussion.

One response to “Texas Show Selection- “33 Teeth”

  1. My heart was raising like teenage boy the entire time.

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